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on July 2nd 2013, 1:48 pm


STEP 1. DOWNLOAD THIS ---> [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Once you finished downloading CCleaner, open it up and you should see a menu with many items to check. Check all of the items except for "Wipe Free Space". IMPORTANT: DO NOT CHECK "WIPE FREE SPACE", or you're screwed, let's put it that way. After that, click analyze then run cleaner. Go to Registry then Scan for Issues. Check all the issues and click fix selected issues. IMPORTANT: REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY FILES.

STEP 2. DOWNLOAD THIS ----> [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

After installing simply click on deep care to start the scan and fix all the errrors. After that, Turbo Boost your PC. And remember to Disable your windows theme in the Turbo Boost options step 5.

STEP 3. DOWNLOAD THIS ----> [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

After installing simply click boost.

STEP 4. UNINSTALL ALL PROGRAMS YOU DON'T USE ANYMORE. If it doesn't allow you to uninstall it, use CCleaner. You can do this by going to control panel>Uninstall a program.

Step 5.
This is the more complicated step for those who don't know about computers. Go to start, click run, and type in msconfig. For vista/7 users, go to the search bar and search "run", and type in msconfig. Should look something like this.

Now, go to startup. Then untick everything there, because startup programs are useless. Why start it up once you run your computer when you can simply open it up after? Plus, it increases your desktop booting performance by 500%. Expect your computer to run quicker. It should look something like this.

Step 6.
Go to Start>My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Performance>Settings. Choose the Custom option and uncheck every single box except for the last three. Should look something like this.

Then go to the Advanced Tab and change your virtual memory. Divide the maximum size by 90%(NOT .9, 90%. Use your built in PC Calculator for help) and round it to the nearest hundred. Your answer will be your Initial Size
For example, my Maximum Size is 4092. When I divide 4092 by 90% I get 3682.8. I then rounded that to 3700. That is now my Initial Size.

Step 7
Go to Start>My Computer>Right Click Local Disk C:>Properties>Tools>Defrag Now... Click Analyze then Defragment. Looks like this:

Step 8
DELETE all your useless files and clean your PC from viruses. Disable xfire or any communication system(oovoo, skype, msn). Also, change your in game graphics settings to the lowest(If you are high-tech remove textures carefully).

Step 9
Click start again, click run. Again, for vista users, search run. Now type in "%temp%". This should lead you to your temporary files folder. You need to delete ALL temporary files. Looks like this:

If it tells you another process is using them, don't delete them.

Step 10
When you are in game, go to task manager, processes and end the process explorer.exe. Your icons should be missing but it improves your gameplay. If you want it back, go to task manager>file>new task and type in "explorer.exe" again. After you tried all these steps and you are still lagging, then i really don't know what to say. Either your computer is a dinosaur or you need a new ISP(Internet Service Provider).


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